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Level 99 Jeans

09/12/2015 | Written by Sara Schreiber

level 99 skinny straight jeans

Level 99—Anatomy of a Classic 

There was a time when women in the U.S. wore dresses. Not much else … just dresses. They looked great, sure. But with dresses day-in, day-out came certain restrictions, limitations, sacrifices and added fuss. Then there was a time when women wore dresses … and “slacks” on the side. Now (thankfully) a woman wears whatever she wants. And, to say jeans are a “popular” look or varied in their options is an understatement. Since the 1960s when women started really getting ahead and going for it, jeans have pretty much become the “uniform” of the day. They go where we go; they can withstand some harsh resistance; and they face the day with a cool grace. 

With such a high wearability ranking, this is one of those things that you want to get right. You want a flattering fit and a durable fabric. You want different looks from day to day. Sophisticated-casual clothiers Level 99 is helping women get their comfort classics one stitch at a time. Since 2004 they’ve offered quality jeans made with cutting edge textile trends and techniques. The chic brand offers a lot of different fits (loose and casual, form-fitting and tailored) and style ideations. With a little help from Level 99 all women can dress with confidence and ease, channeling Charlotte Gainsbourg’s minimalist wisdom or Rachel Zoe’s personalized boho mastery. Charlize Theron, Olivia Wilde, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker and Miranda Kerr are fans of this fashion house, and the brand’s already been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, InStyle, Nylon, Cosmo and more. We love what they do with linen, twill, leather and faux suede, too. 

 Admit it—the jeans in your closet work hard. Like, really hard. They go from an errand-filled Saturday morning to an oyster-slurping Saturday night. We throw a pair of dark skinnies in with our blazers and pumps for abbreviated work trips—just in case—and make sure our best boyfriends are washed and ready for the weekend at the lake house. It’s comforting to know a great pair of jeans could last us years … maybe even decades. Like wine or cheese or other little luxuries, your favorite denims only get better with age—with each wash and fold and Friday night this unsung hero of fashion becomes only more lived in and more your own. So next time you wax poetic about some of the more colorful or glam clothing articles of life consider this: What is American style without the simple jean? Take a glance back in time and then study today’s possibilities. We’ve come a long way, no?

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