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I'm in love with this Fluxus Normad Scarf. I have it in every color. It's the perfect scarf this winter. It's so soft and large, you can wrap it around your neck many many times. For someone like me living in a state where the winters are brutal, this scarf is an absolute must have and can't live without it. I actually always have this scarf with me when I fly because it can also work as a mini cover up when its cold in the plane. It will be a great gift for friends and family. This scarf was also named as a top fashion find on the Oprah Show!

Stella and Jamie is becoming one of our favorite brands. The Stella and Jamie Sue Bag with Studding is the most sought after celebrity bag. This bag is simply stunning and beautiful and definitely an it bag. It's been seen on kourtney kardashian and Nicole Scherzinger to name a few. What I love about this bag is the fringe hanging from the bottom and the beautiful gold studs on the side. It comes in several colors but the camel is my favorite color. It really is a fun statement piece.


This LNA Wilde dress is amazing! I love love love this dress. It's the perfect dress for any summer day, pair it with some flats or a wedge and don't forget to accessorize to complete the look. I actually wore this dress for a dinner date and got so many compliments. This dress is fun, flirty, summery, very comfortable and an absolute must have!